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This recipe will definitely excite all the vegetarians out there. Nuggets are an important part of our snack menu, but it hurts to the core when you don’t get to find no-meat nuggets in the stores. Well, here is good news, the recipe we brought for you today is about to offer you some delicious vegetarian nuggets which are completely free of meat. The best part is that they taste equally good and their texture is also super crispy on the outside and extremely soft on the inside. The nuggets are prepared out of potato mash, which is mixed other finely chopped vegetables. There is so that you can find in this recipe ranging from potatoes to cauliflower, carrot, and green beans. All you need to do is bring these ingredients together and make breadcrumbs coated nuggets out of them.

This traditional carrot dessert is one of the most famous and sought for dessert recipes in Indian subcontinent.

Who doesn’t like to have potato chips as a snack? They are loved by young and old the same. We all know how the market bought potato chips are full of artificial flavors and preservatives. It is better to prepare them right in your own kitchen as health is not something to compromise upon. The recipe shared in this blog will give you super crispy potato chips, and you won't even feel the difference of texture from that of the market crisps. All you need to do is to follow each step carefully and ensure that the potatoes are completely dry before frying; in this way, they will turn to be more crispy. Here we have used basic seasoning like salt and black pepper to lightly season the chips, which perfectly complements the flavor of these chips.