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Paratha roll is that South Asian recipe which instantly makes your mouth water, which it's rich and delicious filling. This paratha roll brings a double dose of flavors, energy, and nutrients due to its rich ingredients. The paratha is first lined and cooked with an egg omelet, and then it is topped with bbq chicken, crunchy cucumbers, onion, and a blend of sauces. The chicken used inside this roll is not only seasoned but also marinated until it gets a strong taste. Then the chicken is seared to get a crispy texture. The combination of herbed yogurt and tamarind sauce in the filling further boost the flavors to the next level. This paratha roll should always be served fresh to enjoy its crisp.

People who are crazy for Chinese and Thai food just die to enjoy a platter of chicken wonton with a sweet and tangy side sauce.

Risotto, or as the Indian call it “Khichdi”, is the mix of rice with a range of other ingredients.

Creamy alfredo pasta, is that one fancy meal that you would want to serve at the table to impress your kids and put a smile on their face.

Spaghetti is loved by all, old and young! One can never get enough of a deliciously cooked spaghetti meal no matter how many times one tries it. There are several ways to enjoy spaghetti, but the classic Italian Bolognese Spaghetti recipe stands out for its mouth-watering aroma and flavors. In this recipe, boiled spaghetti is served with special Bolognese sauce, which a mix of all the flavorsome and rich ingredients, including beef, tomatoes, and spices. If you don’t want to serve the spaghetti right away, you can also preserve the sauce separately in a container in your refrigerator and then reheat to serve on top of freshly boiled spaghetti.

Steamed chicken dumplings are that healthy snack that everyone wishes for, especially those who can’t serve oily and fried snacks to their kids.