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I must say, this recipe will definitely amaze you with its refreshing coconut flavors and the blend of so many colors, the use of vanilla, and coconut flesh.

This drink will take you back to the summers, with its refreshing and energizing mango twist. Mango with tapioca is a combination that you will instantly fall for.

Smoothies and milkshakes are enjoying by all, young and adults, dieters or non-dieters, and so on. That is mainly because all good smoothies are full of nutrients that are all packed in a single glass. And if you like to enjoy some fresh fruit smoothie or milkshake every now and then, then this strawberry milkshake will definitely win your heart with its silky-smooth texture, rich, creamy content and a mildly sweet strawberry flavor. It is more of an ice cream shake and I bet your family will definitely fall for its good taste. I am in the habit of enjoying this smoothie in breakfast, and it is enough to give me boosting energy for the day. So, let’s get started!