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I bet these pancakes balls are nothing like you have ever tried before. They are different from deep-fried cake bombs and taste too fresh and light. Moreover, these balls are cooked using the basic pancake batter. All you need to understand is its bit complex cooking method. Firstly, you need an Aebleskiver pan to prepare these balls. It is a special iron pan that has 6-8 semi-spherical cups or grooves in it. This pan can easily be found on Amazon, and you can find them online on other platforms as well. To make a ball out of the dough, you will need to constantly rotate the set batter as it is cooked from one side. The cooked side is rotated, the uncooked batter automatically takes place in the groove and then cooks to complete the sphere.

This no-bake tiramisu cake will make you go crazy with its super-rich and refreshing coffee flavor.